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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  March 2, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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assailant outside the fox 8 studios .. glad that you're here, if we can get through the next couple days, some nice warmer weather is on the way . we just got through one event that was the back edge . got here in this gear we will keep that handingn for just a little while longer .
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behind the other day will be beginning this time tomorrow . we've got some breathing room tonighttoto and see the latest numbers . . windchill temperatures that are in the teens . his very lake snow .ll it's basically falling apart .ng the tail end of the flurries that are eaten away from the drier air from the last . we have just partly cloudy skies are see the system exiting and what about the view . then the next system upstream . there's a
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shower activity probably what we will deal with lunchtime tomorrow .we it will not be a big issue butl looking to be a cosmetic coating up to an inch most cases than the second clipper may be a next on saturday . once we get past saturday are in for a court to stretch of weather beginning as early as sunday . if the snow desk piled up remember that fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online.x ff the first local news station began at 4:00 a.m.. >> welcome mat facing a federal judge today on charges he made threats against president obama is tracy mccool joins us..
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to stay in jail in the complaint the feds say fed said he threatened to kill obama and hillary clinton, the also say that he hadhe an interest in assassinations of presidents in the past, he was arrested monday by the police his grandmother tells fox 8 that agents search your home and said that java stages moved into her home on the southwest side and that the accusations have taken her by surprise. java state will have a hearing next week.j appears they feel will be down to four with ben carson to drop outss the post a statement
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for to the nomination announcing he will not attend the debate tomorrow in michigan john kasich had says he spoke to him before the announcement of.nt >> had a very conversation with dr. ben carson announced that he is suspending his campaign but i think that he held his head high he is a very good man .. >> to give a round of applause for that person.. >> will be a part part of tomorrow's debate, doctor carson will address his future friday speaking at the conservative political action conference .r donald trump will again face questions from moderator megyn kelly i he skipped the january debate on fox news channel for the iowa caucuses because he claimed she had been unfair to hims this spokesman says that he looks forward to participating
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theatre in detroit, she will be joined onstage byby bret baier and chris wallace. >> gabe spiegel will be will be in detroit to cover the debatebe check in with them tomorrow at 4:00 p.m.teth. >> the primary less than two weeks away thousands of casting ballots, secure state jon husted says both been cast for the primaryot has gotten over to authority thousand request for absentee ballots if your you're rich devote you can still batch captureyo ballot in eloquent person in time for election day. >> this is the second break-in
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concerned about their culture has something to do with it . that is broken into 2,012 is it a tradition for parents to hand down a dowry including jewelry and home to pass down to her own daughteras she says that the heirloom jewelry stolen and just a week ago the thieves once again broke into a window to get more of their belongings despite the fact that house had an alarm family says they believe that some may be targeting them because of what they believe they may have scenic have a security system, but still not safe. >> the family has an alarm
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you like somebody new what they were looking for and where was thatg so even if an alarm system that is calculated they can get in and out fast. >> urge you to lock up your belongings, do everything possible to make it difficult for thieves to get into your home, dave nethers reporting. >> new philadelphia police searching for a man and a woman they say have been following women around stores and shopping at both a wal-mart and marshall's storere rather than report it they just posted the experience on facebook but please hope that somebody will recognizee the couple from the surveillance video. a high alert we've got the local store security on alert and encourage people to do the same. >> if you recognize the suspect
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police is not accused of any crime but they would like to ask him questions.. >> battles destroyed a pair of historical markers and they stole the pictures and the printed copy inside the markers honoringhe former who the mayor of stokes and charles addams and landscape designer and a third one honoring browns legend jim brown now covered with green marker, andnd they say it is very disappointing speech likee he did a lot of things for the setting. >> see someone do this, it is very heartbreaking. been uploaded to make future markers were secured. >> bonds carry concealed weapons
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new licenses in 2015 in addition , over 5,000 concealed carry licenses renewed last year :20its 2,000 licenses almost up to 5 percent from 2014 ohio issued about 58,000 percent official devote 500 licenses denied about 1100 applicants data compiled by sheriffs in the counties report the bigig statistics to the attorney general's office and backg westside market will be open on sunday next month then vendors do not have to open unless i want to, and some say adding ours goes against the law tradition but several vendors say it would be great for business the city also planning to expand a parking lot and 100 new spaces. >> cedar point laced with pictures release the pictures of the new record-setting rollercoaster valravn . pi the
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world tossof fastest and longest dive coaster will be carried more than 20 stories to the top to a 23-foot tall height and speed so 75 mph the open for the
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school after a questionable target was an emotional dayhi at massillon high and butler county near cincinnati and 40 euros i-40 osuna walked into the cafeteria started firing shots to students for hit st the police and grief counselors were on hand today to help ease any fears or concerns they might have .. >> just felt like a normal day the kids were glad to be back . it was a lots of uneasiness. >> the suspect facing two counts of attempted murderer they say he has not offered in details on a possible motive.. >> pic of active shooter situation would you survive if you you're in the middle of one comply at 10:00 p.m. take you inside the class that shows you how to survive active shooter situation,ou so many people sign up for the class and the potential life-saving device that is people learnhe tonight at
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a crash that killed a co-owner of the oklahoma city thunder . all that was left of the suv after slamming into a big indictment yesterday he made his millions in the natural gas grand jury on charges of allegedlyin conspiring to rig bids to buy leases, investigate and as a democrat say does be an accident. >> it appears that speed was a factor, and if a johnny come in when to take them about one to two weeks to completely finish the investigation to re-create the accident, and at this point it looks pretty cut and dried as far as what happened to they say that he had plenty of time to correctct and get back onto the road, the crash is under investigation. >> regional lawmakers regina lawmakers consider plan to go back to the electric chairr for executions they say it's getting
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needed for lethal injections so if and when those are not available they want the state to pute inmates to death in the electric chair, and critics say it is cruel and unusual punishmentaiti legion of many legal challenges come virginia house is approved and balances in the hands of the state senate.ov >> dot banned the use of electronic cigarettes on all us flightsle signature transportation sayson it would protect people from unwanted exposure to fumes in in airline cabins they would still be allowed to carry them but you cannot pack in e-cigarette or battery in your checked luggage due to fire concernsns. or again the last day to raise the minimum wage eventually get paid $15 an hour but not until 2022, the government signed that
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through a three tiered system with wage hikesro deter by location right now the state minimum wagesti $9.25 will go up 50 cents portal workers in july and 25 cents in smaller cities ie the law calls for gradual raises until 2022 whenaw the minimum wage workers in portland will make $15 an hour.wo >> what's going to happen overnight. >> it's going to be a quiet night receded by a gorgeous sunset in case you missed it, reset it to capture the moment and stop the action on time-lapse . let's go to burke lakefront airport looking north-northwest, and watch as we put this into motion,at but not dry air poking holes in the cloud cover to give us this
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colors . was enough of pastel color to make a very interesting scene . . that's the drier air command, but it is still snowing attt geauga county airport . you can see a few snowflakes are still passing by from time to time things are winding down with drier air infiltrating and eventually cut this off and push it to the east tonight with skies becoming partly cloudy . the next system, we talked about it than the first segment and out this is the clipper that will be moving ins and take a southern track keypress on the cold side . 25 degrees have not seen much of an increase today
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we still have a bit of a windshield in the upper teens .ve here is the track of the low, note the distribution is scattered, i think the snow showers will be intermittent tomorrow beginning as early ass lunchas and haul away thursday night . then we have a second quicker on saturday . that will take the northern track . there is an implied partly cloudy . there will be some backyards that will see what i was into the low teens .ell in 23 of the city . the clipper snow, in pockets will arrive around lunchtimeck . local candy coating into 1 inch that is about it . the southern track keeps that a wreck on friday . because
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northern track some slightly milder air with rain or snow or both . on saturday . on sunday, sunshine returned 45 entities on monday , 60 on tuesday . the mid- 60s is a possibility wednesday thursday . as a five day mile stretch to balance out the four-day stretch that we are experiencing. >> might want to check out the buick envisioned that the auto show as p.j. ziegler takes us to the auto show.. >> the newest suv crossover it has some pretty cool features like a lift gate and noise
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town you will be a little more quiet . it has a 2-liter, turbocharged engine, built with high-strength steel and a panama moonroof . you can connect some devices to the wifi becomes with front suspension, that enhances the experience of the safety features includingg cameras to see all around you at the time and intelligent four-wheel drive .me >> did see the road before you can, it has can disperse power through all four wheels while driving . you can see the road before you can.c
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summer and the facility models
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viking hackers to break into the networkrk to identify possible response but the catch is that they first have to back and check if past they will be limited access toif some of the pentagon network . after a record-setting through 40 days
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return to earth last night. >> believe it was bittersweet, i had been there long time . unfortunately the about at the same time it is a man is the place they're going to miss it so i've got mixed emotions. >> he landed in kazakhstan, back to houston where he will be comparedn, to his twin brother, he is the almost 2 inches taller because there is no gravity, space station. >> if you're not afraid of a view of la ts building a glass bottom slide is 1,000 feet transport people from the 70th down to the city 94 is fully enclosed it will open in june
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